9-Course MS Program

The 9-course Masters in Computer Science program provides a balance between foundations in CS and skills necessary for technology careers.

In the 9-Course Program, students must complete:

 - Five (5) Core Courses in the following areas:

  • (1) Algorithms course
  • (1) Programming course (Please note, students cannot take more than one (1) Core Programming class)
  • (3) Computer Systems, Networks and Architectures courses

 - Four (4) elective courses

Courses that satisfy each core and elective area can be found on our Course Schedule (under the Fulfills field located on each course page). 

No double counting of classes.  No course may fulfill more than one requirement.

The 9-course program does not include an internship requirement. CPT is not available for 9-course students. If you are a current MPCS student who has completed an internship using CPT, you may not change your program of study to the 9-course program. If you use CPT you must complete 12 degree required courses to graduate from the MPCS. 

Please refer to our Curriculum and Requirements page for additional course requirements.

Current course offerings can be found on our Course Schedule.