Graduation Application

Program specific degree requirements are found in Curriculum and Requirements.

How to apply for graduation:
Graduation applications must be submitted by 5pm on the first Friday of the quarter you're planning to graduate.  No late applications will be accepted.

To check your graduation date log into the student portal, myUChicago.  Click on the heading "My Information", then on the tab "Academic".  If you need to change the graduation date, click on edit and then you can update your "Expected Graduation Date".  You will see a message that states, "You are eligible to apply for degree online".

During the second week of the quarter your records will be reviewed to verify that you've met the graduation requirements.  An email will be sent to students by the end of week two stating if their graduation application has been approved.

Final grades for graduating students are due by the end of week 10 (week 9 for summer quarter).  Graduating students are expected to complete final exams/projects ahead of time so instructors can report the final grades by the end of week 10 (week 9 for summer quarter).  Students receiving a grade lower than C+ will be pulled from the convocation list.

Convocation Information 
Details about the convocation ceremonies can be found at the University's convocation website.