Computing Environment

Computer Accounts in the University of Chicago Computer Science Domain:
Students enrolled in the Masters program receive a user account for the CS computing environment, collectively referred to as the CS domain.

If you already have an account on the University’s system (i.e., if you have an email address on then you may request a CS account here. Your CS username will be the same as the midway one and your CS password is originally the same as your midway one. Please notice that when you change your password on one domain it does not change the password on the other domain.

As a member of the University of Chicago academic community you will have local and online access to the University Library System, its online databases and technical journals, as well as departmental and University computing facilities. You have also access to software for your personal computer (e.g Connectivity Package, and MS Office suite.)

These accounts and software are subject to the University’s IT policies, and their use implies acceptance of those rules. In short: you may use University resources (computer accounts, software, access to databases, etc.) for core academic purposes, but not for for-profit, or illegal uses, or use them in ways that would interfere with their use by the University community. For more details, see Eligibility and Acceptable use Policy.

Email and Personal Web Pages:
Your CS email address is and your CS web page is where “user” refers to your CS username.
You may use your CS account as your primary email address. In that case we strongly recommend that you:

Make sure that you program your other email accounts to forward mail to your CS account

Update your subscription to the professional, enrolled mailing list as well as other mailing lists that you subscribe to in the CS domain to reflect your new address.

To update your list subscription go to, select the list that you want to update and enter your current subscription address and your list password (be careful! your list password is not the same as your cs account password). Your list password may be the last four digits of your social security number.

If you don’t remember your list password, ask the mailman interface to send you a reminder. The mailman will send the list password to the email address of your current subscription. If you do not plan to use your CS account as your primary email address, please make sure that any messages sent to your CS address will be forwarded to your primary email address. To do so, create a file called “.forward” (without the quotes) in your home directory. The sole content of that file should be the email address where you want your messages forwarded to. (We will use the address that you indicate in your professional. enrolled list subscription to communicate with you, but occasionally you may receive messages to your CS account from our computing operations people).

To setup your personal web page, create a directory named “html” (without the quotes) in your home directory and make sure that is world readable (use the command chmod a+r html). Anything that you place in that directory will be accessible from people visiting your website.

Please note: Your CS account is a privilege and usage is subject to the University of Chicago’s Eligibility and Acceptable Usage Policy.

Remote Access:
You may use your username and password to access the computing environment at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. To learn how to access the systems remotely please review the following material on the Secure Shell (SSH)

For instructions on printing, please visit the CS computing services page.

Any technical questions can be directed to