Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Admission to the Data Analytics specialization is contingent on receiving the following grades in MPCS classes:

  • B+ or above in MPCS 51042 Python Programming, or B+ or better in any other Core Programming class with prior knowledge of Python, or Core Programming waiver. 
  • B or above in MPCS 55001 Algorithms
  • If you need to take MPCS 50103 Discrete Math before you take MPCS 55001 Algorithms, a B+ or above is required in Discrete Math in order to take MPCS 53001 Foundations of Computational Data Analysis along with MPCS 55001 Algorithms. 

If these grade requirements are not met, you will be required to switch to another 12-course specialization. 

Students in this specialization must fulfill the following requirements:

Requirement DA-1
Take the following sequence of classes:

  • MPCS 53110 - Foundations of Computational Data Analysis
  • MPCS 53111 - Machine Learning

MPCS 53110 can be skipped by taking the Data Placement Exam. Passing the Data Placement Exam does not confer graduating credit.

MPCS 53111 may be substituted, with approval, with another CMSC or TTIC Machine Learning class.

Requirement DA-2
Take 1 of the following (take 2 if MPCS 53110 was skipped):

  • MPCS 53112 - Advanced Data Analytics
  • MPCS 53003 - Advanced Databases
  • MPCS 53014 - Big Data Application Architecture
  • MPCS 53113 - Natural Language Processing
  • MPCS 58020 - Time Series Analysis and Stochastic Processes

Recommended Core Classes

  • Core Programming
    • MPCS 51042 - Python Programming
    • MPCS 51046 - Intermediate Python Programming
  • Core Systems
    • MPCS 53001 - Databases

Recommended Electives

  • MPCS 56420 - Bioinformatics for Computer Scientists
  • MPCS 51083 - Cloud Computing