Non-MPCS Student Course Requests

This policy is for non-MPCS students, not including Bx/MS, CAPP or MACSS students. For MPCS, Bx/MS, CAPP or MACSS students, please see the MPCS Student Course Request Page.

The Masters Program in Computer Science will allow the registration of non-MPCS students into MPCS classes with approval from MPCS administration. With approval, non-MPCS students may take a maximum of two (2) classes in the Masters Program in Computer Science.  Approval for more than two (2) courses will not be given. Auditing MPCS classes is not allowed.

The following steps must be taken to receive approval to register for a MPCS class:

  1. All courses must be requested through the MPCS Course Request Form. Late requests will not be considered. All requests for Summer 2024 courses must be submitted by Monday, June 3rd at 5:00 PM
  2. The classes listed on the form are the only MPCS classes that are available for non-MPCS students. If a class you are interested in is not listed, it is not available to you. Please do not email us or the instructor about taking the class. You will not be able to register for the class and we do not allow auditors.
  3. All of our classes have strict prerequisites. If you see that Core Programming is required to take a class, you will need to take and pass our Programming Placement Exam. If you see that Discrete Math is required you will need to take and pass our Math Placement Exam. Students are only allowed to take each of the exams once. If you have taken CMSC classes, we will review them with your request. Some CMSC classes will waive the exam requirements. 
  4. When we respond to your course request through the MPCS Course Request Form, we will let you know if you are approved to take the class and what exams you may need to take. This approval is always based on space available in the class after the registration period. Final approval will be given the first week of the quarter. Non-MPCS students will not be permitted to register for the class before approval is given from our office.  Seat availability is not accurately reflected on the university's time schedules. We may adjust course limits based on enrollment of our students, classroom availability and instructor preference.

Important notes:

  • The MPCS does not allow auditors in our classes. You must be registered to attend class. If you do not have approval to register, you can not go to class or be added to any course materials.
  • Students not enrolled in a degree program at the University of Chicago may neither attend nor take a class in the Masters Program in Computer Science. 
  • Please do not contact the instructor directly.  All permission to take MPCS classes must be given by MPCS administration.
  • MPCS courses taken before you are in MPCS student status will not count towards your MPCS degree requirements. This includes any courses approved per these guidelines and the MPCS Course Request Form. While you would not be required to repeat any passed courses, you would still be required to complete the required number of courses in order to graduate. 

All questions should be directed to