Pre-Doctoral MS in Computer Science

MPCS Pre-Doctoral MS in Computer Science Application Deadlines

Below is the list of Department of Computer Science faculty who have expressed interest in advising students in the MPCS Pre-Doctoral program, and their research interest(s) for the 2024 - 2025 academic year.

Please note: these are the only CS faculty that have agreed to review Pre-Doctoral applications for the 2024-2025 academic year. If you submit an application to work with a faculty member not listed here, or in a research area not listed, your application will not be reviewed.

  • Raul Castro Fernandez - Data Science, the Economics of Data, Data Management, Large language models for data discovery and integration
  • Haryadi Gunawi - Machine Learning for Storage Systems, Storage Systems for Machine Learning
  • Rana Hanocka - Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Generative AI
  • Grant Ho - Security and Privacy, AI/ML and Security, Data Science
  • William Hoza - Computational Complexity Theory, Pseudorandomness, Derandomization, Circuit Complexity
  • Junchen Jiang - Computer Networks, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing
  • Yanjing Li - Computer Architecture, Emerging Technologies, Robust System Design, Systems
  • Pedro Lopes - Wearables, Haptics and New Sensory Experiences in Virtual/Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction
  • Ken Nakagaki - Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Actuated and Shape-Changing Tangible User Interfaces, Interactive Media Art
  • Aaron Potechin - Complexity Theory, Discrete Math
  • Robert Rand - Quantum Computing, Programming Languages, and Formal Verification
  • Chenhao Tan - Human-Centered AI, Natural Language Process, Computational Social Science, Human-Computer Interaction

These research advisors are only available to students admitted to the Pre-Doctoral program.